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By kpajamasJuly 6, in performers. SO we need a name. Any suggestions? I don't care how stupid it may be, just brainstorm- write down enery little idea please! It shouldnt matter TOO much i think, since super junior used to be cute and happy and then turned goth and heavy, but the name still stuck u kno? If maybe you gave us some information on what type of group you are making then making names would be easier. Like the stlye or specific image they're supposed to have.

Hmm, it would help if we knew the style and image of this group! Personally, I don't like names with numbers in it, or those that sound too unprofessional or cheesy e. It would be nice if you could invent your own word? E and maybe have something like, idk, B. B, SA. E, blahblah. I hope you find a good idol group name! I like D:fi because it has a meaning, so maybe a group name with an actually meaning. I think of things like this randomly but I can't seem to recall any good ones.

I have a couple of suggestions that might actually already be taken by real groups or from song titles because I've a tedency to forget things like that xD. By Prettysup Started November 9, By CarolynH Started June 21, By larus Started July 15, By syntyche Started May 7, By minahnoona Started May 3, Archived This topic is now archived and king taxidermy closed to further replies. Name For An Idol Group! Recommended Posts.

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EDIT oopsie, i thought i was replying to another topic. Guest cellobello. For an Idol feel P. Guest j3n1f3r. Guest bobo Guest amydien. Digital Club. It was originally an idea name for a co-ed group I wanted to make with friends but I'm willing to let it go. Good luck with your group by the way. Guest luudacris.Whether you are making a sports team or just a chat group for girls, these team names for girls can help. You can use this list to inspire you to create a brilliant name for your group, or you can use the name as it is written.

Have some fun brainstorming names to perfectly describe your team. Express: This sounds like a good team name for a group of girl runners. Kiss My Boots: It might be a bit in-your-face, but it would certainly work to intimidate the competition. Sole Sisters: If you are on a group of girl runners, this would be one of the best team names for girls.

Treasured Chests: Obviously, this uses a pun on words, which makes it great for a group of girls. One Time at Band Camp: This could be a funny team name for a group of band members. Saddle Tramps: I feel like this team name makes the most sense if it is for a group of girls that like horseback riding together. Sparklers: Sparklers sounds like a fabulous team name, and it is certainly one of my favorite kinds of fireworks.

Rock Stars: This could be the team name for a band or singing club, but it could also just be a descriptor for how awesome you are. The Tatas That Bind: Your gal-friends are the ones who are there with you no matter what happens. It does not matter what type of team you are on as long as your friends are always there to support you through thick and thin. Cowgirls: I feel like this should be the team name for equestrians or rode queens.

It also sounds like the type of team name that works well in the country or the South. Of course, you could also use it for a team of Dallas Cowboys fans. Short Cuts: If most of the girls in the group are fairly short, this would be a fun naming option to go with. Hell Hath No Fury: With a name like this, your competition had better watch out! Flash: This would be an excellent name to choose if you have a bunch of runners who are off like a flash.

Hurricane: This is a good descriptor of what the other team will see when you meet up on the court. Blue Unicorns: Unicorns could be used for any team. If you have a team of swimmers, I feel like some variation of mermaids would be an excellent naming option.

girl group names ideas kpop

Perhaps you could use it for a grade school soccer team. Cheetah Chicks: This could be just a fun team name, but you could also use it for a bunch of runners since cheetahs are known for being extremely fast. Firecrackers: If your team consists of a bunch of firecrackers, I certainly expect sparks to fly. Southern Belles: If you live in the south, this could be one of the better team names for girls to choose. Dream Team: This name really says it all. If you want to motivate your team and give them a confidence boost, go with this team name.

Junk Yard Divas: I feel like this would be the team name of a bunch of bargain shoppers, thrift store shoppers or antique lovers. Your Pace or Mine? Aftershocks: When you hit the court, it is like an earthquake. The other team is left to deal with the aftershocks.This post is all based in my personal opinion.

It was not meant to offend anyone and rather to help you guys out. Please, respect my opinion how I will respect yours, thank you. As both, a girl group and boy group stan I'm multifandom af I always wonder why other boy group stans do not want to support girl groups.

When I ask them they always tell me the same. This always gets on my nerves. It is alright if Girl Groups are not your cup of tea but please, do not use that lame overused excuse. For those people that always tell me Girl Groups have no creativity. For those who tell me to not stan girl groups that is weird. For those who once said Boy groups are much more better than girl groups.

For those who insult girl groups and only go to their videos to judge them, this post is for you. I will show some examples of girl group concepts. I will mainly place them by their MV concept and lyrics. The groups that will be here are groups that I am familiar with or have once heard. If there are any other groups I can place on this list leave them down on the comments and I will place them in an honorable mention kind off.

I did all the possible I could do to only mention artist that are still active. I am sorry if I mentioned some disbanded ones. Also instead of adding the MV'S I will be adding the links of it. Remember, this post is based in my opinion. Some categories I add you may think don't exist and others you may think I place the group in the wrong one but this is my opinion to it. My opinion on the different Girl Group Concepts. Some solo songs, sub units and solo artist will be added here as well.

They are girls after all. Lovelyz- A- choo. I- Very Very Very. A pink- Mr.Tags: girlgroup kpop. Okay so we all know there are tons of girl groups out there but very few really had a name that didn't make me go O. O We all know weki meki and such are really weird names and so I was wondering what you guys think would be a cool name for a girl group or a girl group that you'd like to see which such a name!

Suggest some below! MidnightLore Newbie. It might be hard to suggest a good one without a specific idea for a group, like how many members the group will have or if it's a hip hop group or a ballad group.

Like for instance, a ballad group with three members could be called Ang3ls or something like that! Illligurls and Shesusies sounds perfect to me, I'll stan. RainingStarlight Idol.

Suggest GG Names

RainingStarlightpersonabeedol and 3 others like this. Abeamus Married to Couponski. LovelySerenity Idol. Brilliante I don't know what I am doing. LovelySerenity likes this. Salia it means "Near". It fits the Girl Crush concept. You must log in to post here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet.Girl Group Names Ideas : Hello Friends are Girl Group Names Ideas only and only girls are allowed to come to the police and they can try to make their group better and better so that we have tried to give a lot of Girl Group Names Ideas to you, you will love gold and you can name their You can try to keep up the good and the best Group names in this publication is for you or you can see all the names of the group.

Nowadays, you are thinking of creating a good group of friends for your friends and then after thinking about your head then I would ask you what to name your group because they are friends and friends.

girl group names ideas kpop

Do not forget to tell me how much you liked the names of girls, please do not forget to tell me. Please tell me why you liked this name so that we know that you have liked the names and you can see that we have a lot of such so that you can name your group For that there is a lot and you will try to make your Girl Group Names Ideas better.

If you have some type of Girl Group Names Ideas that you have to talk to, tell me we have this name and if we do this news, then do not be sure to comment on us because our response is very much for you and for you and we are trying to give a lot of articles. So you will know the names of all of our Group are you trying. Now the last one says that if you liked the name now, do not forget to share it.

It is above your whitespace or is on Facebook, otherwise do not forget to share it on all the other platforms Thank you. April 17, April 17, April 16, April 16, April 15, April 15, Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Good Girl Group Names: Hello friend, we are now wearing the attributes girls group nameswe are very happy that while giving this to you, we want to give you a very good group name today, you will be able to see it quickly and your group name will be very So, we are giving you this group name.

I am feeling like this, then go and get very soon and see. So, I want to tell you that we keep seeing many Good Girl Group Names and keeping the team even if you want to see the team name, then we can go to our list and see, if we give a list below then you can read so we make the list.

Good Girl Group Names Ideas [ 2020 ] For Cute And Singing

Not to give Come dressed up and see instant. You can search by using the Search button at the top. Then you go and find that many groups for girls If we have tried to give you the group, then you can go and keep the name of your cool group chat names very good and best and you would have liked it, so you know which friend is the brother Do not forget to share them with your family.

Do not forget to share what will be the share of the friends you know and they can keep the name of their group good, and so far the channels which we have not subscribed to mean that our website has so far If you did not do so, then subscribing to the friend quickly, to subscribe to the two.

We thank you very much for this group so that your percentage like this will be with us. I will continue to bring you to such a group through you. You have read so much so I thank you very much. Today today, today and tomorrow, tomorrow you get the next group name with bye-bye. April 13, April 13, April 7, April 13, April 6, April 13, Your email address will not be published.

girl group names ideas kpop

Skip to content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Years ago, you held auditions, and chose your trainees. But wait, what will you call them? Under each category are examples of real names of real K-Pop artists.

Then either choose a new name or make one up by following the examples. When you get into the high double digits, it starts to get a little sticky. As long there remain letters in the alphabet, there will still be possibilities.

Just grab some letters and toss them down. Hire PR people to tell the public how to say it. Pingback by Oy vey! Korea — February 18, pm. Comment by NyNy — June 30, pm. Comment by sarah — September 8, pm. Comment by anna — July 20, am. RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URI. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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