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This is for the lovely mariathedorkydragon. Your walk to the Avengers tour was slow and each step you took you held doubts whether or not leaving him was the best option in your current situation. All you knew was that you had to get out of there. You had to get away from him. The relationship started off with a spark and was filled with happiness, joy and love and now all those important aspects of a relationship had faded away leaving anger, negativity and violence.

There were very few spurts of joy but you had long found them occurring less and less. You puffed a breath of air into your hands, trying to warm yourself up as walked through the 30 degree Manhattan weather, with nothing more than a thin t-shirt, pajama shorts and nothing to cover the growing bruise grazing your eyebrow and eye socket.

You regretted not taking anything with you. But you knew you had to keep this quiet from the Avengers, especially Bucky. Now standing in front of the Avengers tower, you took a moment before you opened the front doors, hoping that no one was at the front desk to alert Tony or FRIDAY of your arrival this late at night. Fortunately, luck was on your side and you were able to slip to the elevators without being noticed and you headed up to the thirtieth floor.

Quickly, you formed a cover story for your black eye. You were taking out the trash and somebody jumped you. You fought back but the guy punched you before you could get away. They would believe it, right? The elevator dinged, alerting you that you had arrived and you stepped out cautiously.

You sighed out of relief when you saw that the lights were dimmed and no one was to be seen. You then walked over to the kitchen but was stopped by a voice. When you reached the kitchen, you grabbed a mug out of the cupboard with the plan to make a cup of tea. But, you were stopped short when you saw your appearance in the reflection of the microwave.

Your hair was disheveled, messy and tangly, and you were starting to see the dark bags underneath your eyes.The Completed Series. Run-through: You fell for the charms of a beautiful stranger, but then you fell down the rabbit hole. Her shift ended early today, while you still had an hour left and it was your turn to close down today. You worked at the local pub.

bucky barnes tumblr

It was a quiet, cozy space and given it was quite a small town — not that many people visited. And those who did, were all just overworked, tired people who just needed a pint of beer or Guinness before going home to their boring lives. Keep reading. As you look at the world from their eyes, you find out everything you can about your soulmate so you can locate them when The Possession is over.

bucky barnes

But you have a slight problem: you wake up in a cryo freezer. Main masterlist. You watched the second hand mock you as it moved, as if threatening you to react to its slow passage. When you opened them again a few minutes later, you groaned. The wait was excruciating. You were nearly sweating through your clothes at this point, hands clammy. Had you been standing, you were sure you would have collapsed by now.

Your legs were jelly and unable to move. You were staring at the clock again. Five minutes till the Possession. I hope you guys enjoy it too!! I Main masterlist I. Originally posted by riricitaa. It had only pros: no FRIDAY alarm in the middle of the night for a mission, no constant dinging of the elevator, no door being slammed as your teammates go to their early morning trainings or bickering between Clint and Tony for the remaining of coffee in the coffee pot.

It was only Bucky, lazy mornings and long and peaceful night. Apparently not tonight.Warnings: nsfw af! Masterlist Here.

Bucky Barnes is a light sleeper. But ever since you both started sharing a bed, that habit of his was fading away.

bucky barnes tumblr

And then even the slightest noise stopped to disturb him. You had your back pressed against his front. His face buried into your hair, as he smiled and inhaled your sweet shampoo. The metal arm wrapped around your waist as you both inhaled and exhaled together, almost as if you both had practiced it. Although you were asleep, the dream you were having felt so vivid.

And even though your boyfriend was sleeping right next to you, you still were imagining about him in your little dream world. The Bucky in your dream had you pinned over to the bed, his hips jerking into yours vigorously as he kept you from coming. Your panties are literally soaking, the dream feels so real. He smirked against your neck and pushed himself away from you just a little bit, so that he could see your flushed face as you cupped your sex unknowingly and grind your hips to cause friction against your clothed clit.

It was all you. And well, your imagination. Bucky chuckled to himself and decided to put you out of your misery. He hovered above your half-conscious body and lowered himself down to come face to face with your heat. His eyes blown wide and dark as he studies your soaked black panties, an impressive smirk plastered on his stupid face.

He takes one last look at your wrecked state and flatten this tongue over your pussy, licking up from the entrance to your clit. Your eyes shoot open, as a huge breathless gasp leaves your mouth. What you had dreamt felt so fucking real that you had to wake up. Bucky smirks at you and places a soft kiss to the inner side if your thigh, before pulling himself up to hover above you.

How do I put this together? You buck your hips up to his and he only resists you, pinning your lower half down to keep you from moving.

The bulge in his sweats precisely covered over your bare cunt and he was all up for teasing you. Your eyes widen and you hide your face, nuzzling into his neck as you try to wiggle out of his grip. You try to find a single trace of hesitance in his lust blown eyes, but fail to see any.

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And if this is really happening in the middle of the night, you might as well do it properly. Your breathing falters as you fight back a moan.Originally posted by aavengingbucky. Do you have a reason to be? It was finally time. Finally time to tell Bucky the big news. You were pregnant. You were hesitant to tell him. Sure, he would talk about babies and how cute they were, but never in the context of his own.

He was his own Bucky. You were worried about how he was going to react. Would he hate you for it? Would he actually be happy? You stood at the foot of your bed, staring that the pregnancy test that told you the news a few weeks back.

bucky barnes tumblr

You wanted to tell Bucky right away but he was in Europe, working a mission with Nat. He told you loving stories about how much Bucky loved children. Steve grimly agreed. He wanted his best friend to be whole again; it takes time. You had everything planned out. You planned to tell him then.

You hoped that he would be astounded by the news but you wanted a backup in case everything went to shit. You unconsciously smiled and placed a hand on your abdomen. Sam and Nat had dragged Bucky out early this morning.

Steve pushed open the door when you took too long to answer. He smiled at your present. You thought it would be a nice little gift that hopefully reminded Bucky of his time back home. The box also contained the test, ultrasound, and your favorite picture of you and Bucky. You had it custom made the minute you made up your mind to tell Bucky. Steve was grinning.Originally posted by collecting-addiction. Keep reading. Warnings: Filthy smut. Oral sex female receiving.

I kind of rushed it. Hope you all enjoy this. Feedback appreciated. Sorry for any mistakes. The moment you woke up, a sudden fever overtook you, spreading throughout your whole body, especially in your abdomen. It was suppose to be in two weeks time, but it arrived and you were in agonizing pain and there was only one thing that was going to end your pain.

You needed an alpha, but not just any alpha. James Barnes. He was the perfect alpha. You loved every single thing about him. From his stormy blue eyes, his angular jaw, the rough structure of his body to the gruffness of his voice. But the one thing that could overpower you was his scent. He smelled like coffee and old books and it was absolutely divine. Your underwear was drenched with your slick arousal by just thinking of Bucky and his scent.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You took off the oversized t-shirt you were wearing, to try to ease a bit of the scorching warmth that burned you from the inside out. Your left hand travelled over your bare chest, slipping under your underwear to your throbbing clit. By touching yourself a wave of your scent mixed with your heat pheromones were released into the air.

As Bucky stepped out of the shower, your scent hit him. He inhaled your scent closing his eyes. It was so deliciously sweet and intoxicating that it was enough to get him high on you. He opened his eyes, realizing something. He looked down at his erection poking against the towel.

The only conclusion to your potent scent was that you were in heat and your pheromones were making him very aroused, sending him into a early rut.

He dropped the towel on the floor, grasping his shaft and pumped himself vigorously. He braced himself against the bathroom sink as his eyes closed again. He imagined you beneath him writhing in pleasure and screaming his name as he brought you to the brink of your orgasm. He was panting as he felt his orgasm approanch. His moans and your name filled the air as he came. His seed painted against the shower door and bathroom floor. He needed to be inside you, but a thought lingered in his mind.

He just wished you wanted him as much as he wanted you. After he cleaned up the bathroom, he got dressed and made his way to the kitchen. After an hour of pleasuring yourself, you got up and dressed. You knew it was risky leaving your room, but you needed to eat. His pupils were dilated as his eyes raked over you. Soon two other alphas joined him, their pupils dilated too.My work is not to be reposted on this or any other website without my express written permission. Reblogs are perfectly fine.

She went from being a girl in the Red Rooms of Russia to a guinea pig for Hydra when she was only nine years old. Unable to feel pain, she is rescued by the Avengers, becomes part of their team, and struggles every day with physical contact. When the attempt on her life fails, Steve calls in a favor, placing his best friend and retired Avenger, Sergeant Bucky Barnes, in the position of bodyguard until the killer can be caught. But Penny and Bucky have their own troubled past.

The Bodyguard Master List. An empath, and an aura reader, she was dubbed with the unfortunate moniker of Energy Vampire by the kids at the school when she was still a teen. Celine is the closest thing to a succubus Charles has ever encountered. Her past comes back to haunt her when both Steve and Bucky take an interest in the broken beauty. Can the love of two super soldiers heal a heart so torn, or will what Celine is tear two best friends apart?

After tragedy struck in New York, she set out to see if she could outrun the ghosts that stalked here heels. A rehabilitation center for wounded veterans, she finally finds a place where her own disability no longer sets her apart. Ongoing - slow to update. Big Sky Eyes Master List. Young Gods the companion piece to, To Touch the Wind.

Kittens and Connection Bucky Barnes x Lark. I Have To Wear What? Bucky Barnes x OFC. Prank Wars. Slow Hands. Love What I See. The End Of The Line. An Accidental Sputnik. The Suit. The Ugly-cute Giraffe. A Lifetime. Stolen Cookies. Birthday Blue s. Clowns Make For Crappy Dreams. I am bold, daring and fearless, I make no effort to stand out from the crowd, this sort of thing comes naturally to me.

I am the pattern on a plain canvas from which excitement springs. I am guilty of being different and make no effort to change.

I am basically like Neo from the Matrix. Bucky Barnes: Master List My work is not to be reposted on this or any other website without my express written permission.Small price. Steve went underground, disguised himself as Nomad; Bucky was hiding in Wakanda, took new identity as White Wolf. They lived their lives outside of the crowd.

Keep reading. Warnings : my usual fare so tags will be added as we go. First chapter we have some self pleasure but nothing else significant. This is dark! Steve with a hint of side Bucky and explicit. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. Summary: You find yourself in the unsavoury world of the s porn scene after a failed run in Hollywood.

Producer Steve Rogers sees something special in you and wants more, but can you give it to him? Thanks, boo. You the best! You got the call only a few days later. A true call back although you were still uncertain about the whole thing. You were curious, a novice, and as the days flew by, you felt even more green. What if Steve was like the hulk?

Bucky gets about 30 minutes of cuddle time with tiny tot Steve before Steve remembers Nazis are still a thing. Summary: S. Originally posted by justin-ripley. Is it a terrible idea to ask one James Buchanan Barnes on a second date, even after the first one ended in disaster? Detective Bucky Barnes is a little less enchanted with the idea. Despite your glaring differences, you and Bucky work well together.

You can run a perp down, he can knock them down.

You Have Heart

Someone had tried to kill you, and not in a spur of the moment tense situation. This had been a planned, pre-mediated, assassination attempt. It was only luck, and Bucky Barnes, that had saved your life.

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