2020 09 9dx he ignores me on social media

The world has gone through turmoil inwith a wide variety of events capturing our headlines each week. Our consumption of these enormous levels of new information is facilitated through social media, where millions of posts are shared as a method of both activism and information sharing. The ways we use social media have changed significantly in the past few months. Long Instagram stories sharing activist posts used to be limited to a few of our most passionate student activists — now we have entered an age where one of the most common uses of social media is for sharing posts about causes that we care about.

This is especially true in posts from students who attend our university, who tend to engage in a variety of social, political, and cultural issues. If what we post to social media becomes more profound, we must match that depth by taking how we post into deeper consideration. More deliberation needs to take place between the moment we begin first reading a post and when we tap share. I only add that in addition to being concerned with what we post, it is of utmost importance to reflect on how we share our content on social media as well, especially given the changing level of depth surrounding how we use it.

This is especially true for us as Princeton students. Like it or not, we have to recognize that by attending an elite institution, we are seen as credible sources of information for others. This creates a responsibility: Even though not every one of our followers will read our posts, there will be individuals who will either try to learn from our posts or share them.

We can disseminate information to a broad audience, and so we must be careful when considering how much to share. Social media audiences may ignore large quantities of posts, dismissing them as spam compared to information that is more filtered and meaningfully chosen.

This poses a significant concern when every post is similar, if not identical in nature. If we share posts that we care about, we should make sure to avoid posting so much of the same content that followers skip through our stories or feed. Instead, it is imperative to convey information that is most meaningful to us. It is also crucial that we consider who we are interacting with.

The Social Media Cold Shoulder

If our purpose is to spread awareness to individuals who may not be as cognizant of what we believe is meaningful, it is our duty to make our points strategically, not excessively. The world is moving rapidly toward new media, and social media has become a major source for news and information. By no means do I wish to encourage self-censorship; this would go against the principle of social media in the first place, a medium founded upon a basis of self-expression.

But by taking moderation into account when using social media as a medium for activism, we can help legitimize social media as a source for information. At the moment, information from such media carries a stigma of unreliability, yet we can take steps to take more care in how we use social media today.

We live in a changing world with changing values and technologies. If we wish for our changes to be respected, we must act respectably as well. He can be reached at wonjaec princeton. Eating club officers are striving to prove to current and future members that their institutions still hold value, even in an indefinitely quarantined world.

In the United States, empathy has become a partisan value, when in fact it should be a human one. This is a national emergency, a national time of grief, and a national time of mobilization in and outside of government regardless of political leanings.

Listen to Daybreak and be up to date in three minutes. Read More How the eating clubs went virtual. How the eating clubs went virtual Ben Angarone Eating club officers are striving to prove to current and future members that their institutions still hold value, even in an indefinitely quarantined world.

Most Popular U. Arman Badrei. David Palomino. Evelyn Doskoch. Braden Flax. Tweets by princetonian.Have you been on the receiving end of a digital dissing? Have you ever purposely withheld likes and comments from a friend?

We hit it off and have been friends now for eight years. By the way, we both have babies so it all ended well. But then she completely ignores me on social media. This is a modern problem for sure, but a no less important one! I find myself noticing this too and then asking myself why I care so much.

If my close friend posts an adorable photo of their child, I will usually send a text or tell them next time how adorable the photo of their child was.

And when all else fails, I do think the algorithm is a very likely culprit! I can much more relate to the blog comments. This was such a thoughtful comment. Good point about seeing a cute photo and just mentioning in person.

Thank you for adding to the conversation! What a great topic. As always, I love your advice and I like the attitude of the letter writer. Her feelings are honest and probably shared by many. Great column once again, Nina!

So true on the bliss! I would probably err towards just asking kindly and without accusationbut I also think just assuming the best is always a good option. We could all benefit from giving more benefit of the doubt. For example, I use Facebook personally, yes, but also as part of my business networking, so I try to avoid sharing or even liking political posts — even if I strongly agree with them!

That is such an important point, Annie, about how FB shows what we liked to others! I love that you asked friends for advice! Modern problem for sure, but one that makes us all shake our heads!

2020 09 9dx he ignores me on social media

I agree with your non-blogging friend. I completely agree with you Nina — go with option 1 and just let it go. I often scroll through Facebook without commenting or liking anything — it just depends on my mood. It has nothing to do with my feelings towards friends.Ed Letourneau, serving his third term and seventh year on the board, has posted comments on his personal Facebook account that many are calling racist.

You'll never miss a story with our daily headlines in your inbox. They are sometimes killed for attacking police. Now go play stupid somewhere else. Pratt ran against Letourneau for the school board in Marchand said he raised concerns about Letourneau then. But I said this a long time ago. I also have not stated anything related to schools.

CNN’s Brian Stelter Ignores ‘Cuties’ Controversy in Interview with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Just my personal thoughts on events in society, which I have every right to. David and Laura Payne, who are Pownal residents but whose kids went through the Bennington school system, have participated in the movement to oust Letourneau. I grew up here. If you want to keep tabs on Vermont's education news, sign up here to get a weekly email with all of VTDigger's reporting on higher education, early childhood programs and K education policy.

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Email me stories on these subjects VTDigger is underwritten by:. Photo by Alan J. VTDigger: News in pursuit of truth. VTDigger regularly publishes stories about Vermont politics. Jasper Craven covers politics for VTDigger. Elizabeth Hewitt covers the criminal justice system for VTDigger. VTDigger publishes daily stories on health care. VTDigger publishes stories about Vermont environmental issues, including water quality, toxic waste, climate change and biodiversity.

Our environmental reporter is Mike Polhamus. Our education reporter is Tiffany Pache. Commentary policy VTDigger. We have a minimum length of words. We have found the ideal length is approximately to 1, words.Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter failed to bring up Cuties during his Sunday chat with Hastings, which aired just three days after CNN Newsroom host Poppy Harlow spoke to Hastings and also neglected to mention the controversy over the kiddie twerking movie.

The conversation touched on the coronavirus pandemic and how Netflix is equipped to deal with the recent shutdown in film and TV production. The interview also addressed growing streaming competition. The firestorm originated last month when Netflix released the trailer and poster for the movie, both of which spotlighted a sequence in the movie in which underage girls perform a sexually charged dance number complete with pelvic gyrations and simulated masturbation.

While Netflix eventually apologized for the marketing campaign, the streamer is standing firmly behind its decision to release the movie. Netflix has a production deal with Barack and Michelle Obama.

The Obamas and Rice have so far remained silent about the Cuties controversy. Have a tip? Please let us know if you're having issues with commenting.Until we run out of whiskey, of course. He slurs. His eyes are closed. Biden has sounded overly medicated, even during the DNC speech that the Enemy of the People media pretended they liked. Trump has been waiting for this opportunity, of course, as have his supporters.

As a supporter, I worry that he may have gotten too cocky with the preparation. Of course, none of the speculation matters. The media is going to say that Biden bested Trump no matter what.

2020 09 9dx he ignores me on social media

The MSM always says that the Democrat won the presidential or vice-presidential debate. The press has worked double-time to ignore the fact that Biden looks and sounds awful. Rather than follow up, Tapper behaved like the good little Democrat lap puppy that he is and moved on. Chris Wallace is in the frothing mouth stage of his Trump Derangement Syndrome affliction.

I actually hope he brutalizes der Bidengaffer the first time he trips on his meds. Here we go.

2020 09 9dx he ignores me on social media

Et Tu, Classmates? The Truth About Islamic Law. The Difference Between a Gaffe and a Problem. Brit Hume Presses Sen. Chris Wallace is a hack so…probably.

What even is law? They should worry more about his inability to master his native language. The Devil Wants a Civil War.

10 Most Common Reasons Why People Ignore You

Wolf Blitzer Gets Sen. EPA chief gives Calif. Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff once again draw in the crowds by the carload. LOL…read all of these. Completely unbiased and neutral and not-at-all rooting for a side political reporter has no problem running campaign ads for Joe Biden. Brian Stelter claims ignorance when confronted with revelation Steele dossier source was a Russian sp. Share Tweet Email Comments. Whitmer Kidnapping Plot. Demands Grow for Her to Apologize to Trump.If you live in the area be sure to get on their email list you will be notified of the next designer sale in their venue.

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2020 09 9dx he ignores me on social media

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